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Re: Propose Release Goals (delayed ;) - xz compression


> The only problem is that on small machines (things like the BeagleBone)
> xz compression requires enough memory that you have to enable swap to
> use dpkg.  Now on a machine with a sensible disk this is not a problem,
> but on a machine where the "disk" is an SD-card it is a disaster.

correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me that xz compression has
become the default in dpkg. With that in mind, won't this issue come up
anyway? I mean, once a maintainer fixes a bug in a pckage and uplods it,
the binries ill get xz compression. So this issue is in no way specific
to making it a release goal.

On the contrary, if we do it right now for the whole archive, users have
something to rely on and, should it really be an issue, won't see their
systems slowly failing more and more over time.

That said, if choosing xz as default compression is harmful, then this
harm has already been done and should have been prevented before making
xz default in dpkg 1.17.0.

I, for one, consider the release goal a good idea as for stable users,
it provides a reliable moment in time when things will break so they can
prepare for it. Still, I also think that in the first place, things
*won't* break, as stated by others.


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