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trove is already a source package in Debian and a Python module in PyPi


I have just found out that there's already a source package called
"trove" in Debian:


Lucky, I don't think it will clash with OpenStack trove since it
produces libtrove-java* .deb files, though that's quite annoying. The
source package for OpenStack Trove will have to be called something like
openstack-trove, which isn't nice.

Also, in PyPi, there is:

which would clash with python-troveclient. This pypi module was uploaded
more than a year ago. Since I have already uploaded python-troveclient
(currently waiting in the FTP master's NEW queue), OpenStack troveclient
will be in Sid, but if some day, someone wants to upload TroveClient
from http://dev.yourtrove.com, then we have a problem.

So, I am really questioning the choice of "Trove" as a name for the
DBaaS in OpenStack. I think it is a pretty bad move. :(

Is it too late to fix this?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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