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Re: update-menus silently failing with Gnome?

On 30/09/13 01:34, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Le Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 10:01:50PM +0200, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
>> For those feeling lazy, I suppose we can just grab the .desktop file
>> generated under /var by update-menus and copy it into our packages?  Or
>> is there a more elegant way to manage the duplication with debhelper
>> support perhaps?  If somebody could add that under the bug it might help
>> those who face this issue in future.
> Hello Daniel,
> in case it helps, you can also have a look at the following page on our
> wiki, where the syntax of the Menu and Desktop entry files are compared
> side to side.
>     https://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/DebianMenuUsingDesktopEntries#Parallel_between_Menu_and_Desktop_entries

Thanks for pointing this out

The menu page mentions that menu files have to be 7-bit ASCII to support
some window managers - is that still an requirement?

Some desktop files I looked at appear to be UTF-8

Is the wiki proposing to abolish the menu files, or simply to generate
menu files at build time or installation time from .desktop files?

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