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Re: Bug#724893: ITP: libjs-leaflet-awesome-markers -- plugin for Leaflet to make awesome markers

Control: reassign -1 wnpp

On Du, 29 sep 13, 08:30:28, Muhammad Firdaus wrote:
> Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Owner: firdauskoder@gmail.com * Package
> name : libjs-leaflet-awesome-markers Version : 0.6.4 Upstream Author :
> Lennard Voogdt <lvoogdt@gmail.com> * URL :
> https://github.com/lvoogdt/Leaflet.awesome-markers * License : MIT
> Programming Lang: Javascript Description : plugin for Leaflet to make
> awesome markers Colorful iconic & retina-proff markers for leaflet.js based
> maps, based on the Font Awesome/Twitter Bootstrap icons. . You can place
> colored markers on maps with icons selected either from twitter Bootstrap
> CSS or Font Awesome. It works well with all browsers. Iit can also
> collaborate with other Leaflet plugins.

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