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Re: Removing some kernel-related virtual packages

On 09/26/2013 01:19 AM, Paul Wise wrote:

Do you also plan to get rid of these? They appear to be designed to
block auto-removal of installed linux-image-* and linux-header-*


I would hope not. Whereas (from the problem description) the
virtual-package issue appears to prevent autoremoval of *all* such
packages, these appear designed to prevent autoremoval of *only some
specific* kernel packages, specifically enough packages to guarantee
that a "last known good" one remains available for fallback in case of
boot problems with a newly-installed kernel.

I've had (minor and easily fixed) boot problems with a new kernel often
enough that I consider this type of fallback a very much necessary
safeguard. At a glance, these two files appear to provide a minimal way
of ensuring that such a fallback exists, without preventing root from
manually overriding it.

If the stated goal is to avoid having e.g. /boot fill up with cruft
short of manual intervention, then at a glance, the mechanism which
these files provide does not seem to interfere with that goal.

   The Wanderer

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side of it.

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