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Removing some kernel-related virtual packages

I'd like to stop the binary packages built from linux providing the
following virtual packages:

* linux-image

As explained in #724569, any relations on a virtual package prevent
auto-removal of all providing packages, so in this case linux-image-*
packages must be manually removed to avoid filling up /boot.  And it is
the job of the installer to make sure systems get a kernel installed;
there is no sense in random packages also recommending/suggesting it!

* linux-headers

Same problem with auto-removal.  The linux-headers-<flavour>
metapackages built by linux-latest also provide this virtual package,
and the recommends/suggests should really refer to these.

* linux-source

Same problem with auto-removal.  This is also the name of a real
metapackage built by linux-latest, which again is what the
recommends/suggests should really refer to.

* linux-kernel-headers

This used to be the name a real package, which was replaced between etch
and lenny by linux-libc-dev.  There is one remaining reverse-dependency
(libkxl0-dev, #724639) which would need to be fixed first.

Any objections?


Ben Hutchings
Humans are not rational beings; they are rationalising beings.

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