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Re: Decision on R datasets

On 13342 March 1977, Charles Plessy wrote:

> I think that the only good solution is to engage with the R community and make
> them change their practice of distributing data in binary format in the source
> packages.

Thats a maintainers job. Feel free to do so, we won't hold you back.

> I think unfortunately that it will not work by taking a decision
> first, and ask them to follow us.

We are deciding for Debian whats OK. Not for the R community. They are
entirely free to have their own opinion and do/accept things Debian does
not do or like. So yes, it works the way that Debian decides whats OK
for Debian or not. If they follow us, great. If not, too bad. Though
reading Dirks reply describing the CRAN network, it doesn't sound like
they are far away from us.

> To me the FTP team's attitude (no discussion, no transition, no plan
> for the packages currently in the archive) is blocking a global
> resolution of the problem.

We did discuss this. Not with you, but we did.
Making up a "transition plan" for packages isn't up to us. Unless you
want it "we removed all R packages, go reupload them if you think they
are ok".
And "plan" for packages in the current archive is pretty easy and clear:
if they don't fit, it's an RC bug, handled as any other. Worst case by
someone filing RM bugs.

bye, Joerg
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