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Re: packaging Postgres binary dump files

On 09/20/2013 06:18 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:

> To go the other way (from an ASCII SQL into a binary dump file) during
> the package build phase, it needs to be loaded into a running PostgreSQL
> server and then extracted with pg_dump.  I don't think that is a great
> build dependency, especially if we want to support things like chroot
> builds.

I don't think you should distribute the files in the binary format at all as
you'd have to require a pg_restore which is able to restore the files from
pg_dump in the version you've used to package it - so while it might be possible
that the ascii version just works well for older postgres versions, you might
end up with needed pg_restore form 9.x just becuase you dumped it with it.

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