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Re: Status of dgit (good for NMUs and fast-forwarding Debian branches)

Ian Jackson wrote:
> That it doesn't browse well is indeed annoying.  On the server the
> dgit suite branch ref names aren't in refs/heads/, which is needed to
> stop git pushing to them by default.  But that makes gitweb not show
> them either.  I'm open to suggestions for how to improve this.
> If you make a master branch and put something useful on it, then this
> will work.

My suggestion is to have dgit also push the dgit branch to the
remotes/dgit/master branch, as long as remotes/dgit/master is
an ancestor of the dgit branch, or does not yet exist.

Some dgit users may want to have a master branch that is not connected
to the dgit history. They can simply make one forced push of the master
branch to prevent dgit from handling it.

When multiple suites are involved, dgit currently does not connect
the history of the branches for those suites. So if a package is
first pushed to unstable (creating the master branch), and later to
experimental, the master branch would not be updated. This is probably
what we want to happen. OTOH, if a package is first released to
experimental (creating the master branch), later uploads to unstable
would not update the branch. This might be an unusual case that should
be handled with a forced push. Or, dgit could hardcode the name "sid"
along with the rest of its collection of per-distribution values
and only push master along with dgit/sid.

see shy jo

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