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Re: Looking for ideas for merging a micro package...

Neil McGovern <neilm <at> debian.org> writes:

> > > > I absolutely do not want to see anything related to ruby on my
> > > > systems.

> > SC#4 and not forcing bad things on users.

> Fantastic. In that case I propose we remove mksh from the archive as

>From my system ≠ from the archive. I don’t say everyone MUST use it.
In fact, I even demoted it from Recommends to Suggests on a package
because many people still run with install-recommends=true and it
was not strictly needed.

Honestly, dealing with you makes me want to go [VAC] often enough.
Stop turning around my words to suit you instead of reading what
I actually tried to say.

(And to think I was looking forward going to Cambridge…)

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