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Re: Looking for ideas for merging a micro package...

Benjamin Drung <bdrung <at> debian.org> writes:

> devscript had only Perl and Shell scripts initially, but then gained
> Python scripts. I don't see any reason to not accept ruby script. ruby
> would pull in another ~ 13 MB of storage, but devscripts targets
> developer machines.

I absolutely do not want to see anything related to ruby on my

And the people I know who are ruby fanboys always tell to *uninstall*
the packaged ruby anyway and install it via this ugly curl|sudo bash
thingy *shudder* because apparently the packaged version troubles their
ugly method.

So both the ruby haters and the ruby fanboys will not like this.

I’d not mind having a source package (like moreutils) generate
multiple binary packages, one of which would contain the ruby… stuff.
As long as it doesn’t get needed…

In fact… there’s “micro” stuff written all the time; I’ve been
approached about packaging scripts, several times, and rejected
because waldi (my original sponsor) explained about the expensiveness
of packages, especially binary packages. If we could make some sort
of effort to collect them… (maybe as native package in collab-maint?)


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