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Re: Looking for ideas for merging a micro package...

On Wed, Sep 04, 2013 at 01:02:35PM -0500, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Thorsten Glaser]
> > I absolutely do not want to see anything related to ruby on my
> > systems.

> Why?  Is this just an emotional reaction, or is it the 13 MB of
> dependencies, or something else?

> I wonder if anyone feels the same way about, say, libraries written in
> FORTRAN, or binaries linked against libX11.

From experience, lots of people feel the same way about binaries linked
against libX11.  I think FORTRAN is probably less of an issue for people,
because it's a much smaller runtime (Installed-Size: 1195).

But I would also not like to see devscripts depend on ruby - not just
because I don't want to have the runtime installed for a language that I
don't speak[1], but because letting people write devscripts in whatever
language they feel like turns that package into a maintenance nightmare down
the line, by further fragmenting your pool of maintainers.  Sure, accepting
scripts in ruby means you will get contributions from people who write in
ruby who might otherwise not have contributed, and you may have people
participating in maintenance who would like to help in ruby and otherwise
wouldn't help.  But on the flip side, for the package to be well-maintained
you now *have* to have maintainers working in each of perl, python, and
ruby, and the members of the maintenance team are now that much less able to
step in for one another.

And on a completely unrelated note, discussions at DebConf about multiarch
handling of interpreters reveals that devscripts has its own special
problems just by depending on perl + python.  Maybe people should see the
fix required for this before deciding to make devscripts depend on more
interpreters. ;)

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[1] And whose community, for that matter, has turned me off from ever

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