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Looking for ideas for merging a micro package... (was: Nitpicking in the NEW queue.)

Le 02/09/2013 06:12, Paul R. Tagliamonte a écrit :
> Respectfully - when we add micro (under Size 100 packages) the amount of metadata added to every mirror and every users machine is almost as much as the package contents.
> This is a very common request (make sure this really needs to be split out ) and not even the reason for this reject.

My new pagemap package have recently been rejected being a small package.
Indeed, it is a small script, wrote in ruby, that use /proc/<PID>/pagemap
binary files (and a few other from /sys) and display in text the
mapping between physical and virtual memory.
  When working on NUMA system, it can sometimes be a useful tool
to analyze the performances of HPC programs.

  Never mind. My current problem is that I have no idea which current
package to contact to ask for a inclusion. It is not important enough
to be included in packages such as util-linux and few (no?) system/devel
packages already have a dependency on ruby (ie adding the pagemap script
would add a dependency on ruby).
  Any idea?


dget http://people.debian.org/~vdanjean/debian/pool/main/p/pagemap/pagemap_1.1-3.dsc

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