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Re: System resume issues

Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> escribió:

Rodolfo García Peñas <kix@debian.org> wrote:
currently I am maintaining the uswsusp package. I have some bugs
related to the resume process [1]. I was talking with Ben in
debian-kernel, and I am writing to debian-devel trying to get the
best option to solve the problems and because other packages could
be affected (cryptsetup, hibernate, pm-utils,...).

Just a wild thought, as there was  presentation on debconf: Jave you
checked whether dracut (instead od intramfs) handles this better?

cu Andreas

Hi Andreas,

thanks a lot for your reply. dracut reads the configuration file for
uswsusp (upstream: suspend-utils):

install() {
    local _bin
    # Optional uswsusp support
    for _bin in /usr/sbin/resume /usr/lib/suspend/resume
        [[ -x "${_bin}" ]] && {
            inst "${_bin}" /usr/sbin/resume
            [[ -f /etc/suspend.conf ]] && inst /etc/suspend.conf   <----- here

And parse it in other 95resume module files.

In debian, dracut reads the file /etc/suspend.conf, but this file
doesn't exist (is named /etc/suwsusp.conf). I don't create a bug about
it (yet?), because I have two things in mind, rename the uswsusp
package to suspend-utils (the upstream name, so the configuration file
will be /etc/suspend.conf) and/or change the configuration file to

Anyway, IMO probably the configuration for system resume shouldn't
belong to any specific package (uswsusp, initramfs-tools, hibernate,
pm-utils, tuxonize...), because could be common for all of them. Using
only one file, all packages could read the info on it (but it only
could be updated by one!).


: :'  : Rodolfo García Peñas (kix) <kix@debian.org>
`. `'`  Proud Debian Developer

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