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Re: UTF-8 in jessie

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 02:51:52AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> [...]
> On the other hand, detecting text files is hard.  The best tool so far,
> "file", makes so many errors it's useless for this purpose.  One could use
> location: like, declaring stuff in /etc/ and /usr/share/doc/ to be text
> unless proven otherwise, but that's an incomplete hack.  Only hashbangs can
> be considered reliable, but scripts are not where most documentation goes.

Just a note: hashbangs can't really be considered reliable either -- consider
tarball-in-sh/other-script files (waf is a good example). Then there's stuff
like gambas-compiled executables which also ship with valid hashbangs, and
#!/usr/bin/haserl stuff which can contain lua bytecode after the hashbang line.

The only requirement for valid hashbangs, afaict, is that the first two bytes
are #!, and everything up to the \x20 or \n is resolvable to a valid filename.

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Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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