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Re: unnecessarily tight dependency on R for r-cran-scales

On Fri, 9 Aug 2013, Benjamin Eikel wrote:

Hello Faheem,

Am Freitag, 9. August 2013, 15:21:36 schrieb Faheem Mitha:

When I try to install r-cran-scales in unstable, I get

I think that this behavior is not special to r-cran-scales. Many other
packages use ${R:Depends}, too (e.g., r-cran-plyr, r-cran-reshape, r-cran-
rsqlite, r-cran-stringr).

That is true. But I noticed it for r-cran-scales because the installation failed for what is basically the most recent version of R available.

                                                          Regards, Faheem

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