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Re: AGPLv3 Compliance and Debian Users

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Lars Meyser wrote:

> It is not that simple, Debian itself complies with the license and users
> installing the package comply with the license as long as the network-facing
> service is not accessible to other users. To stay with my example, I am in
> compliance with the AGPLv3 when I install and use the Debian owncloud package
> on my NAS but not when I install it on my publicly accessible webserver where
> other users interact with it.

In both situations you are still in compliance with the license.

> This is also my personal reading of the license, I would like to hear others
> opinions before I start filing bugs.

Perhaps you missed "if you modify the Program" in item "13. Remote
Network Interaction;" of the AGPL?



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