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Re: AGPLv3 Compliance and Debian Users

Lars Meyser <lars.meyser@yahoo.com> writes:
> An example that recently came to my attention is Debian's owncloud package,
> there seems to be no configuration option to easily add a link to all pages, so
> in order to comply with the AGPLv3 I guess I would have to create my own theme
> that displays a link to the sources of the Debian package (probably hosting
> them on my own server) and to the sources of the theme itself. I think it might
> be surprising to most users that they cannot just install a distribution
> package but have to take such tedious extra steps in order to comply with the
> license and I do not think most are aware of that.

By default installing into a state that isn't compliant with the license
seems like an obvious bug. You should file it in the BTS.

Arto Jantunen

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