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Re: abi-compliance-checker and abi-dumper to track API/ABI

Paul Wise wrote:
I'm subscribed, no need to CC me.

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

One of the "library descriptors" that a-c-c supports is a list of
Thus for $most packages just installing -dev package and pointing
a-c-c at the list of:
dpkg -L $pkg-dev | grep include lib
should do the right thing (more or less)
How would I feed that to a-c-c?

There is a simple Perl script to do that:

my $Package = $ARGV[0];

open(INFO, "dpkg -L $Package |");

my (@Libs, @Headers) = ();

    if(/\/lib(|64)\// and /\.so(\Z|\W)/) {
        push(@Libs, $_);
    if(/\/include\// and $_ ne "/usr/include") {
        push(@Headers, $_);

my $Version = `dpkg -s $Package|grep Version`;

print "

    ".join("\n    ", @Headers)."

    ".join("\n    ", @Libs)."

Run this script as:

    perl script.pl package-dev

For example, it prints the following for libgrip-dev:




But I haven't gotten far enough to have this working automagically as
dep8 tests.
DEP-8 tests are per-package, I want something that would work for
every package that includes a library+headers.

Andrey Ponomarenko, ROSA Lab.

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