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Re: Reporting 1.2K crashes

]] Alexandre Rebert 

> Hi,
> Thanks for all the feedback and comments. I tried to address all them below.
> > The crash.sh script seems to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Is that actually
> > needed?  I'd prefer something that doesn't need something like that,
> > since being able to crash apps if you load a broken library isn't very
> > hard.
> The purpose of the custom environment is to run the program with the
> same environment as it was set up when the program was analyzed with
> Mayhem. This is not necessary to reproduce most crashes however. I
> will remove the *LIBRARY_PATH from the environment, and re-confirm the
> crashes without it.


> > Since you're already running this under gdb, would you mind attaching a
> > full backtrace with debug symbols installed too?
> That is a good idea, but I'm afraid I cannot easily get the debug
> symbols. As far as I know, binaries from debian packages do not
> contain symbols. Additionally, for 91% of the packages where we found
> a crash, there isn't any associated -dbg package. It should be easy
> however for a developer that has a program with debug symbols to
> generate the backtrace. I could include a backtrace without symbols,
> but that does not seem particularly useful. What do you think?

If you can install -dbg packages if they are available and then include
the backtrace, that'd be sufficient.  I imagine just installing all -dbg
packages from the same source package should be a suitable approach in
most cases.

Tollef Fog Heen
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