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Re: Reporting 1.2K crashes

Alexandre Rebert <alexandre.rebert@gmail.com> writes:
> wheeze packages. After contacting owner@bugs.debian.org, Don Armstrong
> advised us to contact you before submitting ~1.2K bug reports to the
> Debian BTS using maintonly@bugs.debian.org (to avoid spamming
> debian-bugs-dist).

Interesting research, thanks a lot for your efforts! Spamming the BTS is
one thing but I'm also bit worried about the fact that many of these
bugs could be legitimate security bugs. Giving the maintainer/upstream
some time (1-2 weeks max) to assess the seriousness of the bug might be
nice so that they can prepare an urgent security upload to wheezy if it
is needed.

Would it be possible to initially publish all the bug reports on your
web site under some random URL and then mail that to the maintainer with
a clearly indicated date when they will be made public?

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