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Re: vision: easily move all my data and config to a new machine

]] Thomas Koch 

> I've started by building debian packages with equivs that have dependencies to 
> all packages that I've installed by hand on my old machine.[1] This is not 
> comfortable.

Use pkgsync with comments in the musthave file?

> Now I'd like to know which files in /etc are still in their default state and 
> which were modified by me, including a diff against the default. Is there some 
> possibility to get this information? I have etckeeper installed but I don't 
> see how it could give me this information.

Not all files have a default, since they're templated.  You could look
in the dpkg conffile db and compare checksums for conffiles, though.

> What other things are there that I'd want to move to the new machine? For 
> example /var/spool/cron.

It depends, basically all of /var, I'd imagine.

Tollef Fog Heen
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