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On accepting pre-generated doc from upstream

Hi everyone. First of all, I'm cross-posting this between legal and devel 
because I really don't know to which of them belongs (or maybe it does in 

The issue is this: Qt 5 has grown so large (850+MB unpacked in the single-
source tarball, will continue growing) that upstream also provides it as 
submodules. 15 of them in 5.0.2.

Of course, in terms of maintainance, we have opted for the submodules choice.

Building the full doc could be done in two ways:

- Using the full source tarball. Saddly this means having to compile most of 
it in order to get the tools for building the doc, or hacking far too much the 
build system to do something else.

- Build each submodule's doc.

While the second option seems the clear winner, there is a gotcha: you need 
packages 1 and 2 built and in the archive to build the documentation. 
Including their documentation. Packages 3 to 15 should not present further 

So this can be solved by packaging 1 and 2 without docs and pushing them to 
the archive. Then, once 1 and 2 have been built on *every* arch, repackage 1 
and 2 with the documentation and upload them.

This means that we need to bootstrap the packages. And we may need to do it 
for every major release (5.1, 5.2,...), although it's not confirmed.

As a possible workaround, upstream has suggested to provide the documentation 
already generated (could be for the submodules and/or the full doc, this has 
not been discussed yet). My first reaction has been to think that this will 
not be allowed in Debian, but giving it some more thought,:

- We do have the source code for generating it (preferred form of 

- We can build it, but it requires lot of work... and avoid FTBFSs while 
bootstrapping ;)

So, could we accept pre-generated documentation in this case?

Kinds regards, and thanks in advance for your time, Lisandro.

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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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