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Re: Debian systemd survey

On 05/22/2013 04:50 AM, Uoti Urpala wrote:
Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
I went through the various init systems threads again during the last
few days. My understanding of the consensus so far is the following:

- Both systemd and upstart bring many useful features, and are a
   clear improvement over sysvinit.

Yes, both are an improvement over sysvinit.

Hrmm, I have not tested systemd yet, but personally I'm not conviced about the advantages of upstart:

- Stops booting *somtimes*, does not provide any information why. I didn't report a bug yet as an almost black screen won't help in any way how to figure out why it stopped. Already that stops without any further information why and where is a sufficiently big design issue, imho. (Btw, in the mean time I belive this issue is related to /etc/mtab, but I'm not sure yet.).

- Updating/install programs in a chroot fails with weird messages that those programs (afaik for example X) cannot connect to upstart. Well, it is a chroot, what does it expect?

- Personally I'm using unionfs-fuse as very first init script to mount /etc and /var and others on my development systems. So no need to modify an initrams, but a very simple approach and controllable using a boot script. But specifying a script to be run *before* anything else is not possible (yet?).


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