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Re: Debian systemd survey

Uoti Urpala wrote:

>A related point which I think is very important is the effect of
>Debian's decision on the larger community. Having Linux distributions
>permanently split in systemd and upstart camps would have major costs
>for the overall Linux community.

Actually, in the EU this is called antitrust and considered a good
thing for a â??marketâ??, also increasing innovation by open competition.

>Systemd is already guaranteed to live,

Yeah, in a proprietary RedHat worldâ?¦

>could easily switch to. Maintaining and extending such a split between
>distros should be seen as a big negative, regardless of how upstart

No, it should be seen as a bit *positive*, for the aforementioned
reason as well as for reasons already seen on the list.

>IMO essentially irrelevant distractions such as effects on marginal
>systems like kFreeBSD shouldn't be brought up at all.

Like it or not, but kFreeBSD *is* now part of the ecosystem.
And I still think internal consistency is something desirable,
so sysvinit should stay the default, with other init systems
(yes this does include OpenRC) available for these who want
to use it.

>> As Debian, we have two different problems:
>> 1. We need to decide which init systems we want to support, and how.
>> 2. We need to decide which init system should be the default.

We will have a GR about that.

>I don't think it's at all obvious that it would make sense to support
>more than systemd

Debian is the Universal Operating System, not GNOME OS.
If you want to develop GNOME OS, please do it as a Derivate
or Blend, or something entirely separate.

Really, reading this makes Rogerâ??s (IIRC) suggestion of removing
it entirely all that more enticingâ?¦

>fit-for-use maintenance of all three systems sounds like a rather costly

I see it like with new ports: if a new init system wants to be
supported, they should help the package maintainers along in
providing support, while the individual package maintainers
should be gently encouraged to actually include said patches.
And sysvinit is still the gold standard. (I personally like
BSD stuff more, but from what Debian provides itâ??s the least
evil or rather the one most people can agree to work with.)


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