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Re: wheezy postmortem re rc bugfixing


Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> writes:
> Also, we should be more agressive at getting down the number of RC bugs
> by automatically removing RC-buggy not-so-important packages. For
> example, if we keep the current time-based freeze policy for jessie, we
> could announce that all not-so-important RC-buggy packages will be
> removed from testing on freeze date.

  I'm not so persuaded this will actually improve anything. During lenny
freeze I've fixed a couple of these easy RC bugs on unmaintained leave
packages when I had some 30 minutes of time and no good Idea of what to
do. I have had similar timeslots too small to actually get into more
difficult RC bugs but couldn't find anything to do during squeeze and
especially wheezy freeze so I ended up doing *nothing*.

  Removing RC-buggy (and potentially not-taken-care-of) packages early
may increase the average quality of software in the release (because
these fixes mostly do exactly as much as is needed to fix the RC bug)
but I'm far from persuaded it will increase release speed. Different
thing for will-remove and dropping such packages late of course.


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