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Re: Merging / and /usr (was: jessie release goals)

On May 07, Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@debian.org> wrote:

> > If we do this, I'd prefer to make /usr a symlink to / on new installs
> I've always thought that myself, but it seems most folks who are pro
> merge tend to propose going the other way. I've never understood why.
I was trying to not start a new discussion about this, but since you 
asked: moving /usr in / does not solve any significant problem, while 
moving /{bin,sbin,lib} to /usr allows some very interesting new things 
like being able to have a truly shared stateless /usr containing the 
whole OS, which can be used for things like appliances which can then be 
upgraded and rolled back with a single rename(2).

The Fedora page explains some:


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