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Re: [debian-mysql] Will we see MariaDB in Jessie?

2013/5/6 Steven Ayre <steveayre@gmail.com>:
> Having a policy on how such packages can coexist could then allow
> other options to also be added cleanly (MySQL Cluster, Percona, Galera
> etc).

I've done my best to package MariaDB following best practices on
Debian control files and conflict/replace rules. So I am confident to
say we actually already have a way how to get MySQL flavors to
coexist. What we seem to lack is _resources_. I guess we could package
all of Percona, Galera etc is we had 15 team members to take care of
all testing, security patching etc.

Would you like to join?

Volunteer by attending our next online meeting!

Next online meeting is Thu 2013-05-09 at 20:00 GMT. Anybody can
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