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Re: Re: git as a source package format?

Some threads/links that I followed:


From the ongoing discussion on distributing source package is git-
bundle or just whole git-source as one tar file, I wanted to add a process 
that I have being following for repos archiving or using them.
The ideas does not take into account the complexity involved with very large 
installation like debian or various interwoven filesystems.

Following is something I have been doing with personal checkout copy of git 
repos from github, etc.
1. Create a clone of upstream.
2. When various repos grow to a size around 3-4Gb, squashfs them.
3. Write to DVD.
4. As when needed mount the dvd and squashfs.
5. Use aufs to mount and create a RW(COW).
6. Git pull all repos(or as needed). Unmount files.
7. Create squashfs from the RW dir.
8. Write RW-<date> to DVD.
(for 7+8 leave it say for 3 to 6 months before archiving).

Debian perspective:
For release-packaging-workflow.dia I would add:
1. At 7.1 - add sha1sum for all files in a file. 
    Say Checksum.txt/json (sorted lines).

1. If there arise a need to QUICK check level of sanity for upstream tar 
version file with deb to-be-build checkout version, this file would do the 

Now lets say version 7.0.0 releases all source DVD in git format 
based on workflow similar to release-packaging-workflow.dia.
All source DVDs would have 1 or 2 squashfs files
depending on how DVD are written 2gb or 4gb (limit on file size).

Benefits(src dvd):
1. v7.0.1 src would just have to release the RW(COW), very small size as 
2. v7.0.5 releases a single cumulative COW from 7.0.0.
3. v8.0.0 would have choice from cumulative COW from 7.0.0 or FULL/FRESH 
start squashfs.

Also would be a need to formulate some kb / suggestive guidelines for code 
authors for a cleaner CI of codes from upstream to debian base.

I don't know how impractical / non-feasible or crazy the idea is, but 
thing is I have been doing this for about more that 2yrs and now have about 2 
DVD of git repos excluding RW(COW) update files.
1. Saves me lot of disk space.
2. Squashfs ensures sources to be in pristine state.
Just thought to share a working process, that may be useful.


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