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Re: Legal possibility of more open package reviews.

[Charles Plessy]
>   - If mentors.debian.org needs to follow the DMCA, why would
>     mentors.debian.net be exempt of it ?

It's not exempt, but it's also not Debian's problem.

>   - If mentors.debian.org can distribute unreviewed packages by becomming a
>     DMCA safe harbor, wouldn't it be possible for ftp-master.debian.org/NEW.html ?

The difference is that one is open to the public and the other is not.
If a service is open to the public without any control over who can
post content, then basically you have grounds to claim you do not and
cannot reasonably police the content.

>   - Bonus question: since mentors.debian.net seems to be hosted in
>     Germany, does it mean that developers living in the US should
>     refrain from uploading crypto to it ?  How do other distributions
>     solve that problem ?

Correct, it means developers living in the US need to follow US laws.

I suspect other distributions solve the problem by ignoring it, thus
leaving individuals responsible for obeying their local laws.  Which is
a fine principle, but in practice it probably means some individuals
violate US law without really noticing.  (The US government harrassment
of Phil Zimmermann was a long time ago, so I suspect that object lesson
has been mostly lost.)


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