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Re: Legal possibility of more open package reviews.

* Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> [2013-04-10 10:13:25 +0200]:

> Hi,
> Am Dienstag, den 09.04.2013, 17:54 +0200 schrieb Bernd Zeimetz:
> > > Suggestion #3: have a system where any other DD can review
> > > a package in the NEW queue, not only the FTP masters or the
> > > FTP assistants.
> > 
> > That would include publishing the contents of the NEW queue,
> > at least to all Debian Developers - so we might violate
> > licenses already.
> I have long stopped buying this argument, with things like
> alioth.debian.org, people.debian.org and mentors.debian.net¹ full of
> software without license review.
> ¹ ok, it’s .net... but still.

<mentors.d.n admin hat on>

For mentors.debian.net, there are two main blockers for a .org transition:
 - Seeking an answer to this redistribution without verification problem
 - Making the codebase acceptable for DSA administration

The first point has been handled by zack, and we have on hand a legal document,
vetted by SFLC lawyers, that makes the mentors platform a "DMCA safe harbor".

Basically, everyone is still allowed to upload packages, and those packages are
distributed directly, the admins need to leave the copyright owners a way to
claim that a package infringes on their copyright and act swiftly to hide such
packages, pending a possible counterclaim from the uploader.

We need to publish that policy, and then we should be compliant with DMCA safe
harbor policies.

For the second point... well... we're working on it, albeit slowly. People are
welcome to join :)
<mentors.d.n admin hat off>

Nicolas Dandrimont

"I once witnessed a long-winded, month-long flamewar over the use of
mice vs. trackballs...It was very silly."
(By Matt Welsh)

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