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Re: Splitting the devscripts package

On 04/01/2013 03:11 PM, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> We had a move of not ubuntu-specific script from ubuntu-dev-tools 0.124
> to devscripts 2.11.0 two years ago. These scripts were add-patch,
> edit-patch, suspicious-source, what-patch, and wrap-and-sort. Maybe it's
> time to do it again.
> We have Launchpad bug #846420 to move not Ubuntu packaging-specific
> scripts out of ubuntu-dev-tools. The list currenlty looks like this:
> mk-sbuild (should move into sbuild; Debian bug #613903)
> pbuilder-dist (should move into pbuilder)
> check-symbols (blocked by LP: #184906)
> pull-debian-source (should work without Launchpad)
> merge-changelog
> reverse-depends
> Is this list sensible? Is there something missing?

what about cowbuilder-dist ?

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