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Bug#703946: general: OS freezes, but mouse and ping keeps working

Felipe dijo [Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 12:26:59AM -0300]:
> When using Google Chrome (I cannot assure you that it only occours with
> it), more often surfing on Google+, the system freezes, but the mouse
> pointer keeps working. When I close the notebook screen, it goes to
> "suspend", but when I power it again, it comes back to the last state,
> with the screen freezed.
> I tried to close and open the notebook to see if the logon screen would
> appear, but, as I said, it didn't.
> Another important thing: when freezed, the notebook keeps responding to
> pings. There's no packages lost.

This can be related to an unstability problem I saw using the non-free
nvidia drivers.

Anyway, the problem should not be filed as a "Debian general" bug, but
rather as specific to whatever component is causing the freezes.

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