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Re: is Kai Wasserbäch still active?

On 03/25/2013 05:15 AM, Ben wrote:
Thank you! I uploaded the revised version of "kvpm" to mentors.

I already had a look at it.

You should
look to make sure I got the package correct.

Well, there are some lintian problems, but that's ok for the moment. The only important task is to fix the bug now.

Since this is a critical bug, it should be fixed in Wheezy as well which means the package needs to be unblocked by the release team.

To make sure this goes as smooth as possible, I suggest the following:

- file a critical bug report against the kvpm package in Debian for this specific bug

- update the changelog entry for 0.8.6-3 to reflect the aforementioned bug with a Closes: #nnnnnn statement and upload the package to Mentors

- let me review and upload the package into unstable

- file an unblock request (reportbug release.debian.org), attaching the debdiff for the changes between kvpm 0.8.6-2 and 0.8.6-3

- hope that the release team accepts your change and have the fix propagate into Wheezy (chances that this happens are higher when you file a proper bug report)

After that has happened, I'd be happy to sponsor further kvpm uploads for you to get the package into better shape for Debian Jessie.



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