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Re: adduser Pre-Depends for qemu-system-common

Quoting Wookey (wookey@wookware.org):
> +++ Serge Hallyn [2013-03-14 14:58 -0500]:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > To fix this the kvm group should be created during preinst before the
> > udev rules file is unpacked.  This requires adding adduser to the
> > Pre-Depends.  vorlon warned me that any new pre-depends should be
> > discussed here first, so I'm emailing to ask - is this ok?  Is there
> > a better way?
> I don't know if there is a better way in this particular case but I do
> know that adding users in preinsts does cause problems. Preinsts that
> do anything important (which is not dealing with upgrades from
> previous packages) cause issues for cross-arch rootfs generation,
> where the system has to be booted before preinsts can be run. Mysql,
> for example, creates its user in the preinst and this breaks if you
> create a foreign-arch rootfs with multistrap containing mysql. I find
> it hard to imagine why this necessary, but I assume someone had a good
> reason. 
> Making sure that the user/group is _also_ created in the postinst if
> it's not already been done would make everything work nicely from my
> POV. Avoiding doing such things in preinsts at all is good if possible. . 

Thanks, I'll make sure to keep it there as well.

It's also been pointed out to me that actually qemu-kvm, which is being
replaced by qemu, already had adduser in Pre-Depends.  So actually this
isn't a new case, and perhaps this thread was unnecessary  :)  (But then
I wouldn't have thought about this case)


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