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Re: adduser Pre-Depends for qemu-system-common

+++ Serge Hallyn [2013-03-14 14:58 -0500]:
> Hi,
> To fix this the kvm group should be created during preinst before the
> udev rules file is unpacked.  This requires adding adduser to the
> Pre-Depends.  vorlon warned me that any new pre-depends should be
> discussed here first, so I'm emailing to ask - is this ok?  Is there
> a better way?

I don't know if there is a better way in this particular case but I do
know that adding users in preinsts does cause problems. Preinsts that
do anything important (which is not dealing with upgrades from
previous packages) cause issues for cross-arch rootfs generation,
where the system has to be booted before preinsts can be run. Mysql,
for example, creates its user in the preinst and this breaks if you
create a foreign-arch rootfs with multistrap containing mysql. I find
it hard to imagine why this necessary, but I assume someone had a good

Making sure that the user/group is _also_ created in the postinst if
it's not already been done would make everything work nicely from my
POV. Avoiding doing such things in preinsts at all is good if possible. . 

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