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Re: arm64 Debian/Ubuntu port image available

+++ Wookey [2013-02-27 02:10 +0000]:
> State of the Debian/Ubuntu arm64 port
> =====================================
> *** Arm64 lives! ***
> Executive summary
> -----------------
>  * There is now a bootable (raring) image to download and run

>  * A bit more work is needed to make the rootfs useable as a native buildd

Networking and apt, and various bits of breakage was fixed shortly
after the initial upload.

After some jolly hacking at Connect, with much help from Doko, we got
the build and install dependencies of debhelper (what a lot of crap it
(recursively) needs!) crossed and uploaded, and fixed some missing
perl bits, so I have now successfully built the 'hello' package with
the image. 

It's such fun to watch configure scroll by one line at a time for
about an hour....

Cross-building stuff:

Ian Campbell also got the Xen arm64/aarch64 cross-build working for
raring (not yet integrated into the packaging), using the info on
without too much aggravation (libyajl needed to be cross-fixed first),
so the environment is already useful for building and getting stuff
cross-ready, so long as you don't have too many build-deps.

Feedback from anyone else who tries this is welcome. 

> The images are available for download:   http://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Port#Pre-built_Rootfs
> Along with destructions there for making your own.

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