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Re: RE : Gerrit, Git requirements, cooperation with others. was: git dangerous operations on alioth

On 03/09/2013 12:36 AM, PICCA Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
>> I start to really love the CI thing. I first invested a bit of
>> time in setting-up everything,
> do you have a step by step cookbook for your setup.
> Maybe on the debian wiki ?
Unfortunately, no. But it's really easier than what I thought.
I might try writing such a cookbook if I find the time, and
reinstall everything from scratch on a new server.

Also, with Jenkins, you just start a script who builds for you.
What I wrote is quite a hack, I'm not sure if I want to publish
that... :) Or probably with lots of !!!warning!!! added... I also
would like to add some goodies to it (like piuparts tests,
lintian runs, etc.).

I also need to understand how to secure Jenkins. Because
by default, it's impressive how much Jenkins is a security
hole where you can execute any command. I was tempted
to file a bug report against the package because of it. Then
I saw #697617 and #700761, then gave up... :)

So yeah, Jenkins is nice, but I wouldn't leave it on a public
facing internet without any sort of protection (like an htpass
over HTTPS).

Did anyone try buildbot? It might be better for what I need.
I quite disliked the fact that most of Jenkins is done through
a web GUI, which was in fact, more a nuisance than anything
else. Maybe buildbot would fit my needs better, so I would
really appreciate if anyone can share his experience with it.


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