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Bug#702607: make source code of all Debian projects visible (on gitweb)

Package: general
Severity: wishlist

Debian.org hosts a lot source code. It's difficult to search through it,
because it doesn't get indexed by search engines. I try to explain the
usefulness of my suggestion on a random example.

For example, I was wondering which package/script/program is responsible
for reading /etc/environment.

To implement this, you obviously must write the string
"/etc/environment" in some file. I was wondering in which one.

To find that out, I tried a search engine (google). Search term:

site: debian.org /etc/environment

...but still find any hints how it's implemented.

It would be very useful, if the all package source code hosted on
debian.org would be visible in some web source code frontend such as
gitweb. So one could search:

site: gitweb.debian.org /etc/environment

...and would obviously find all source files, containing "/etc/environment".

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