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Re: Bootstrapping: list of 81 self-cycles in Debian Sid


Quoting Michael Tautschnig (2013-03-06 19:22:37)
> What about parallelizing parts of the job?

Sure, the html page I linked to contains 38 different data points:

 - 11 architectures from stable
 - 13 architectures from testing
 - 14 architectures from unstable

The most trivial way of parallelizing the generation would be to execute those
38 jobs in parallel. With 38 processors and enough RAM, the generation would
just take 12 minutes.

> It might be possible compute strongly connected components of the graph
> first, and then do the job for each component?

Strongly connected components do not play a role for this task. They are not
calculated at any point.

cheers, josch

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