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Re: Bootstrapping: list of 81 self-cycles in Debian Sid

Johannes Schauer, le Wed 06 Mar 2013 18:56:47 +0100, a écrit :
> I wrote a shell script which outputs the following static html:
> http://mister-muffin.de/bootstrap/selfcycles.html
> If you guys find this useful, then I can see how to get this generated
> periodically and published somewhere under the debian.org domain.

Ideally it would appear on the qa page or some such, so maintainers
don't have to explicitly go to that page to be aware of the issue. For
instance, I didn't know that the java atk wrapper was being depended on
by default-jdk, thus producing the cycle. I wouldn't even have thought
that such kind of cycle could have happened for this package, so I
wouldn't have looked at the page.


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