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Incompatible change in the ifupdown hooks interface


while investigating on #699749 (which apparently affects many machines
using NM, but not all of them), I discovered that the interface for
ifupdown hooks has changed since squeeze.

>From the manpage: 
       When  ifupdown is being called with the --all option, before doing any‐
       thing to interfaces, if calls all the hook  scripts  (pre-up  or  down)
       with  IFACE set to "--all", LOGICAL set to the current value of --allow
       parameter  (or  "auto"   if   it's   not   set),   ADDRFAM="meta"   and
       METHOD="none".   After all the interfaces have been brought up or taken
       down, the appropriate scripts (up or post-down) are executed.

After discussing this on IRC, the ifupdown maintainer disagrees this is
an incompatible interface change. Some of the existing hooks were not
broken by this change, by pure chance. Some were fixed in subsequent
uploads since squeeze. At least avahi was not.

What is the position of the Release Team? 
      * Is it a bug in avahi (and probably other packages)? 
      * Is it a bug in ifupdown to have changed the interface?

Given how close we are to the release, the simplest solution is probably
to upload a fixed avahi and hope there aren’t any other scripts
remaining. However this will not fix partial upgrades or manually
updated scripts.

Thanks for your input,
 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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