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packaging with git: automatic setup of remotes/upstream when cloning

I'm new to the art of packaging with git, and I found a little issue
I'm unable to solve nicely.

I'm in the usual situation, the package and the upstrem are under git.
Thus I have two remotes in my original repository:

  origin	ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-lua/lua-lgi.git (fetch)
  origin	ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-lua/lua-lgi.git (push)
  upstream	git://github.com/pavouk/lgi.git (fetch)

If one clones my repo, he only gets the remote named origin.  He gets the
upstream branch, of course, but if he wants to fetch/merge a new
upstream tag, he has to google for the right URL and git add remote
upstream URL.  Worse than that, I prefer to rename upstream tag T into
upstream/T, and this is yet another line one has to come up with and add
to .git/config to run at full speed.

In some way I feel like if some (meta)data relative to the package was not
stored into the git repository.

My question is hence: is there something like .gitignore but for
remotes? (I could commit that into the repo).  Alternatively, is there
a standard practice like sticking the .git/config snippet
concerning the upstream remote in debian/source/gitremotes or similar?

Thanks in advance
Enrico Tassi

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