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Re: Unable to find RC bug targets to squash

Quoting Charles Plessy (plessy@debian.org):

> In the previous release cycles, it looks like the main blocker was the Debian
> Installer.  As soon as it was ready, lots of remaining buggy packages were
> purged from Testing and release followed quite soon.  Is that the case for this
> release cycle ?  If yes, I guess that the focus should be to help the Installer
> team, and not to fix every RC bug.

Not really. D-I has been mostly released on a well-handled schedule
and we now have an RC1 release which is (imho) suitable for
release. Far from perfect, sure....but that's what we get for having a
quite inactive D-I team during the squeeze-wheezy release cycle

We are incredibly lucky that Cyril stepped up and did a tremendous job
releasing betas and RCs. It's definitely not a comfortable situation
because we fully depend on his level of involvment but, thankfully, he
did survive to all this and we have a quite functional installer for

D-I is not a blocker for the release. Hairy bug reports, lengthy
discussions and often our lack of decision is more a blocker. We
probably all need to be much much much mor eaggressive wrt RC bugs and
shouldn't leae this up to the release team.

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