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Re: Bulding 3.0.1 Under Ubuntu 10.04 i386

> Old debian source packages (subsurface-1.2-1 and libdivecomputer-0.1.0),
> could also be of some value.
> I'm really looking forward to see latest subsurface/libdivecomputer in
> debian, as soon as it can be done.  It'll most probably be unstable, but

This thread is interesting. I faced about the same challenges when
working on packaging pYtrainer for Debian (Pytrainer is a Python
application for sports tracking, mostly used by runners and bikers).

Being supported in Debian wasn't judged as very "interesting" by
upstream developers : about the same feeling that Debian is only used
by "hackers" (those pizza-eating/beer-drinking weirdos that can only
live by facing a screen) and it would be more "interesting" for them
to be supported in Ubuntu. The latter being of course the distro of
choice of non techies because "it's easy to use and install".

Still, well, the only way to have decent Pytrainer packages (I mean,
packages that can survive upgrades and deal with various combinations
of Python environment and libraries) has been by having those packages
prepared in Debian by Debian developers.....not having packages
prepared in a random ppa by a random person who can only guarantee
that packages work on his|her own system..:-)

That was the point : doing the work in Debian guaranteed that our
quality criteria did benefit to the quality of the resulting packages
and this, up to derived distro users.

There are certainly probably 10, or 20, or 30 more users of Pytrainer
packages on Ubuntu systems than Debian systems. But, indeed, all those
can use this nice software because we did prepare the packages with
our Debian "culture" in mind (the original culprit for these packages
is Noèl Köthe, not me, by the way).

So, yes, if people are interested in getting this diving software
ported and well-supported in many deb-based distros as possible, I
would highly recommend doing the work in Debian.

That would even be a good way to discover that those Debian weirdos
are not all pizza eaters and beer drinkers and that some might even
dive very well, just like some Debian weirdos happen to run or bike
not so badly...:-)

How about joining the pkg-running umbrella? It's quite some time that
stuff we maintain in this team is more "sport stuff" than "running
stuff" anyway.

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