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Re: Getting Intel Cedarview drivers into Debian

On 28/02/13 15:54, Mikko Rasa wrote:
> We considered the possibility of updating the DDK to version 1.9, but in
> the end decided to stay with 1.7.  An update of the DDK would involve an
> unknown amount of work in making the driver work with it, and that was
> deemed undesirable by the customer.  Unfortunately this means that we
> won't be able to get official support from IMG or provide native support
> for full OpenGL.

The driver I found to perform best is the one available on MeeGo, which
is also based on DDK 1.7. However, it stills performs poorly.

I would suggest you to reconsider switching to DDK 1.9 if this (in
theory) can improve the performance -- In my opinion is better to risk a
bit of unknown amount of work and get the chance of creating something
good, than to go with something that is already known to perform poorly.

By the way... do you know where I can find a driver built with the DDK
1.9? I'm eager to try it and see if it performs better than the ones
based on DDK 1.7 available.
Is there any distribution or website out there distributing such drivers?

> The Ubuntu version does indeed perform poorly, and improving performance
> is one of our top priorities in this project.  At this point we're not
> certain how much we can do.


Having at least one driver that performs good would be greatly welcomed
for all the Linux users that are suffering the lack of support for this


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