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Re: Bug#688772: [CTTE #688772] Dependency of meta-gnome on network-manager

On 27.02.2013 00:50, Chris Knadle wrote:
> When this was brought up in the bug report, the response was "network-manager 
> can be installed, then disabled", but how to do that wasn't documented 
> anywhere in the network-manager package.  Instead the next suggestion was 
> documenting this issue in the Wheey errata [2], but I don't see network-
> manager or wicd mentioned there, nor mentioned in the Installation Guide [3] 
> for Wheezy.
> Suggestions?

I will try to add a section to README.Debian which should be re-usable
for the release notes / errata.

Neil, who should I contact getting those changes into the release notes?
If anyone is willing to review the text, even better.


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