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Re: arm64 Debian/Ubuntu port image available

W dniu 27.02.2013 03:10, Wookey pisze:
> State of the Debian/Ubuntu arm64 port
> =====================================
> *** Arm64 lives! ***

Congratulations Wookey (and everyone involved)!

>  * There is now a bootable (raring) image to download and run

> Once you've created a tarball chroot builds are simply done with 
> sbuild -c quantal-amd64-sbuild -d quantal --host=arm64 <package.dsc> or 
> sbuild -c quantal-amd64-sbuild -d quantal --host=arm64 <package>_<version>  (I'd love it 

s/quantal/raring/ I think.

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