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Re: Bug#701585: marked as done (general: Can't select other languages)

reassign 701585 general

Le mardi 26 février 2013 à 08:34 +0100, Wouter Verhelst a écrit :
> No, but the BTS is (to some extent), and there are various tools that
> suggest the package "general" if you don't know what the exact buggy
> program is. When doing that, the package ends up on debian-devel.
> Since the bug reporter mentioned he tried to use a gnome settings tool
> to switch languages, but that it didn't work, I'm reassigning this bug
> to gnome-settings-daemon (at a guess, but that does *seem* to be the
> most appropriate).

Thanks for your intervention, but there is nothing that can be done in
GNOME. The bug is a general design choice in Debian, namely the one to
not generate all locales but to require a “dpkg-reconfigure locales” to
add new locales. 

> > Btw. "dpkg-reconfigure locales" might help, and look for the
> > localization packages and tasks via APT/aptititude.
> Yes, that might help this particular user; but if there is a tool that
> claims to be able to do something but isn't, then that is a bug.

The problem is that nobody will have the idea to run this tool.

> I can think of several ways to fix it: the tool could display a helpful
> error message when the user selects a language that isn't enabled in
> /etc/locale.gen, or it could simply disable all languages not found
> there (again, with a helpful message for where to look if a wanted
> language isn't in the list)

That’s what gnome-control-center does. This is not helpful for the user
who wants to select another language, though.

The bug is that we do not install locales-all by default, nor do we
default to generate all (at least all UTF-8) locales.

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