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Bug#701585: marked as done (general: Can't select other languages)

reopen 701585
reassign 701585 gnome-settings-daemon
severity 701585 normal

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 09:30:03PM +0000, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Hello Carlos,
> > Dear Maintainer,
> > *** Please consider answering these questions, where appropriate ***
> Debian-Devel is no user support channel for Debian.

No, but the BTS is (to some extent), and there are various tools that
suggest the package "general" if you don't know what the exact buggy
program is. When doing that, the package ends up on debian-devel.

Since the bug reporter mentioned he tried to use a gnome settings tool
to switch languages, but that it didn't work, I'm reassigning this bug
to gnome-settings-daemon (at a guess, but that does *seem* to be the
most appropriate).

> Btw. "dpkg-reconfigure locales" might help, and look for the
> localization packages and tasks via APT/aptititude.

Yes, that might help this particular user; but if there is a tool that
claims to be able to do something but isn't, then that is a bug.

I can think of several ways to fix it: the tool could display a helpful
error message when the user selects a language that isn't enabled in
/etc/locale.gen, or it could simply disable all languages not found
there (again, with a helpful message for where to look if a wanted
language isn't in the list), or it could emulate KDE and use a totally
different way of doing language support (though that wouldn't be my
preference), or it could keep it simple and simply display a warning
message above the list of languages to select that languages listed here
must also be enabled through "dpkg-reconfigure locales", or any of a
number of other things.

At any rate, a bug severity of "important" does not seem right to me.

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